Australian Food Safety Week 11-17 November 2013 – Shopping Food Safety

The 2013  Australian Food Safety Week theme was Shopping Food Safety focusing on ‘Clean, Choose, Chill and Separate’ when selecting food and transporting  it home safely. Australian Food Safety Week is the major activity of the Food Safety Information Council, Australia’s leading disseminator of community targeted food safety information.

Consumers are ignoring vital food safety advice latest research shows

A national Newspoll Survey, commissioned by the Food Safety Information Council for Australian Food Safety Week, showed that too few Australian adults are taking notice of vital food safety advice on food labels and, with summer ahead, are taking risks by not using insulated bags or coolers to transport refrigerated food see our media release

Shopping and storage food safety advice

Check out our updated advice on how to shop and store your food safely.

Shopping quiz

How safe is your shopping?  Try our shopping quiz.

Listen to our radio community service announcements

Celebrity chefs ‘Fast Ed’ Halmagyi, Dominique Rizzo and Mark Olive give us advice on food safety and shopping

Watch our TV community service announcements

Find out what can go wrong at your BBQ or when entertaining friends. in our TV community service announcements Not invited and the Girlfriend which will be running all summer.

Confused about ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ dates?

Watch this simple video that explains what they mean.

AFSW2013 Activities

New South Wales Food Authority Chief Scientists Dr Lisa Szabo has launched a video focusing on temperature control, which is one of the key factors in keeping food safe.