Outlined below are the names and details of the company’s Directors in office during the financial year and until the date of this report. Directors were in office for this entire period unless otherwise stated.

  • Cathy Moir (Chair since March 2019, Deputy Chair prior to that)
  • Brigitte Cox – (Director, Vice Chair and Technical Committee Chair (from March 2019)
  • Rachelle Williams (Chair until March 2019, currently Company Secretary)
  • Lydia Buchtmann (Communications Director)
  • Dean McCullum – Director and Chair Membership Committee (from March 2019)

Retired directors

  • Gavin Buckett (Director and Chair Membership Committee – retired March 2019)
  • Deb Kerr (Director and Secretary – appointed January 2018 retired March 2019)
  • Karine Mac (Director and Chair Marketing Committee – retired October 2018)
  • Karen Jaques (Director and Chair Risk, Audit and Policy Committee – retired December 2018



The Board has several committees comprising of Board and skills-based appointments.

Committee Members
Membership Dean McCullum, SA Health – Chair
Technical Brigitte Cox – Chair

Dr Trish Desmarchelier OAM

Karen Ferres, SA Health

James Conlan (from April)

Cathy Moir, CSIRO (to March)

Communications and Marketing Lydia Buchtmann – Chair

Tania Bradley

Emma Butler, Cater Care

Jonelle Christiansen QUT

Vicki Taylor Cultured Word

Finance Cathy Moir, Rachelle Williams, Lydia Buchtmann
Risk, Audit and Policy Cathy Moir, Rachelle Williams


Rachelle Williams

Company Secretary

Ms Williams joined FSIC in 2008 and was appointed Company Secretary in 2016.


Directors Board Meetings
Attended Held1
Rachelle Williams 9 12
Cathy Moir 10 12
Lydia Buchtmann 10 12
Gavin Buckett 6 9
Deb Kerr 5 9
Karine Mac 2 4
Karen Jaques 3 4
Dean McCullum 3 3
Brigitte Cox 3 3


1 Held represents the number of meetings held during the time that the Director was eligible to attend i.e. held office or was a member of the relevant committee.


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