Do you pass the food safety at home test?

In the home, food safety concerns revolve around three main functions: food storage, food preparation, and cooking. To test your knowledge and see how well you’re doing in your own kitchen, take this quiz, and then read on to learn how you can make the meals and snacks from your kitchen the safest possible.

Choose the answer that best describes the practice in your household, whether or not you are the main cook in the house.

1. My chances of getting food poisoning when living in Australia are:

a)       One in twenty chances a year
b)       One in ten chances a year
c)       One in four chances a year
d)       No chance

2. The temperature of the refrigerator in my home is:

a)       12 degrees Celsius
b)       10 degrees Celsius
c)       8 degrees Celsius
d)       5 degrees Celsius or less
e)       I don’t know. I’ve never measured it.

3. Last time we had leftover cooked stew it was:

a)       Cooled to room temperature, then put in the refrigerator
b)       Put in the refrigerator shortly after the food was served
c)       Covered and put in the refrigerator shortly after the food was served
d)       Left at room temperature overnight or longer.

4. Which foods are most likely to cause food poisoning if cooked or stored incorrectly?
(You can choose more than one answer)

a)       Minced meat
b)       Chicken
c)       Rice salad
d)       Pasta salad
e)       All of the above

5. I’ve just used my cutting board to cut raw meat, poultry or fish. Now I want to chop up some vegetables for a salad. I will:

a)       Use the board as is
b)       Wipe it over with a damp cloth and use it
c)       Wash it with detergent and warm water, dry it and use it
d)       Use a different board

6. The last time we had hamburgers in my home, I ate mine:

a)       Rare
b)       Medium
c)       Well-done

7. I clean my kitchen counters and other surfaces that come in contact with food with:

a)      Water
b)      Warm water and detergent, then allow to dry
c)      Warm water and detergent, then bleach solution, then allow to dry

8. When dishes are washed in my home, they are :

a)       Cleaned by an automatic dishwasher
b)       Left to soak in the sink for several hours and then washed with detergent in the same water
c)       Washed right away with hot water and detergent in the sink and then air-dried
d)       Washed right away with hot water and detergent in the sink and immediately towel-dried with a clean towel

9. The last time I handled raw meat, poultry or fish, I cleaned my hands afterwards by:

a)      Wiping them on a towel
b)      Rinsing them under hot, cold or warm tap water
c)      Washing with soap and warm water and drying them thoroughly

10. Cooked meat, poultry and fish products are defrosted in my home by:

a)       Setting them on the counter
b)       Placing them in the refrigerator
c)       Defrosting in the microwave

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