FSIC membership code of conduct

As a member[1] of the Food Safety Information Council, I agree to abide by the following

  1. To be of good standing within the community at all times.
  2. To take an active role in the committee to which I belong (if any).
  3. To work with my fellow members to achieve the goals of the FSIC.
  4. To be free to make suggestions within my Committee and to the Board but to accept that changes may not be made as a result of them.
  5. To not use my membership of the FSIC for any illegal or immoral purpose.
  6. To not use my membership to make personal profit.
  7. To not speak on behalf of the FSIC, unless that is my role within the organisation.
  8. To maintain the confidentiality of FSIC business during my membership, and for a minimum of two years if I resign or am asked to leave.
  9. To faithfully undertake my role as per the Position Description, if I hold a specific position.
  10. To accept that the Board is the final decision making body within the FSIC.
  11. To resign my membership immediately if I contravene this Code of Conduct, or if determined by the Board.

[1] Membership is confirmed on approval by the FSIC Board