Temperature danger zone announced as theme for AFSW 2014

Media release: 22 September 2014

 Australian Food Safety Week 9-16 November 2014

Australian Food Safety Week will be held 9-16 November 2014. It is the major activity of the Food Safety Information Council, Australia’s leading disseminator of community targeted food safety information.

The theme for Australian Food Safety Week 2014 will be the Temperature danger zone – keeping hot food hot and cold food cold. Food poisoning bacteria can survive and grow rapidly if food is left out in temperatures above 5°C and under 60°C. During the week we will be releasing the latest consumer research about current awareness of the temperature danger zone and advice on how to safely handle food.

Activities and Mailout

For those of you wishing to organise activities during Australian Food Safety Week, a variety of resources will be available. The resource mailout is underway. In order to take part in the mailout you need to send an email listing the resources required (see resources page) to info@foodsafety.asn.au . Please ensure your name, your organisation and full postage address is included in the email.

Please note that we are a non-profit, voluntary organisation and we may take some time to fill your order, please let us know if you haven’t received your material after 4 weeks. If you want to receive material in time for Food Safety Week please submit your order by 10 October 2014.

If you are organising an event or activity to promote food safety let us know so we can let others know. Email the details to info@foodsafety.asn.au

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