COVID-19 and handwashing and drying


It’s great to see everyone focussed on washing their hands often with soap and running water for 20 seconds (especially as our survey last year found 40% of respondents admitted that they didn’t always wash their hands before touching food). Soap is important as it breaks down the fats and grime on our hands and helps remove viruses and bacteria. Both liquid soap and bar soap are fine. The running water helps further by washing the grime, viruses and bacteria away. Use alcohol gel if handwashing facilities aren’t available. See more about handwashing

Dry your hands for 20 seconds too as dry hands are less likely to pick up viruses and bacteria. If you are using a public washroom use either paper towel or an electric hand dryer but you may need to dry a little longer with the electric dryer depending on its power. Use a clean, dry towel at home and you will need to replace wet towels more often with increased handwashing.