COVID-19 and shopping and home deliveries

Follow the instructions provided by your supermarket or food retailer about hand hygiene and social distancing to protect yourself and others. Many supermarkets offer to wipe trolley handles with sanitizer when you enter the store. Don’t put unpackaged fresh fruit and veg directly into your trolley but use the plastic bags provided for your fresh produce. Don’t handle produce items and put them back for others or taste test the grapes as you touch your mouth with your hands. Shopping bags should not be placed on any food preparation benches to prevent contamination. Wash your hands immediately when you return home from shopping and again after putting away groceries. See more about shopping 

Home deliveries can offer some protection by reducing contact with others. There is no evidence to date that coronavirus has been transferred by food packaging whether for groceries or take away. As with all you do at present, take precautions and wash your hands after handling the delivery.