Food recalls

Food recalls in Australia are co-ordinated by Food Standards Australia New Zealand. Between 2013 and 2022, FSANZ coordinated 791 recalls including 75 recalls in 2022 (Figure 1). The 10 year average slightly increased from 78 recalls per year (2012-2021) to 79 recalls per year (2013-2022). The volume of food recalled represents a very small proportion of the large amount of food products available in the Australian market. Most recalls are precautionary and initiated by food businesses to ensure that potentially unsafe food is removed from distribution and sale. Only a small amount of recalls are linked to a suspected or confirmed illness/injury you can view the latest statistics here

You can find out about the latest food recalls on the FSANZ website where you can also sign up to receive alerts about the latest recalls and also follow FSANZ on social media.

If you get food poisoning seek medical attention. Food poisoning can be particularly serious in young children, the elderly and people of all ages in poor health.

Early medical attention is recommended, especially for these at risk groups: the elderly, small children, people with reduced immune systems and pregnant women.

Contact your local food enforcement contact and report the illness. It probably wasn’t the last meal you ate, but if you have any food samples keep them for analysis. If you are feeling unwell visit your doctor.

Some types of food poisoning are life threatening and early diagnosis can help avoid severe consequences.

Is it food poisoning? Check your symptoms here