Food safety advice about bringing food to family or friends in aged care

aged-care-brochure-coverThe Food Safety Information Council, in conjunction with Cater Care, has launched a brochure about food safety advice when bringing food to family or friends in aged care. Older people are more susceptible to food poisoning as we age and the elderly can suffer severe consequences if they get food poisoning or even die. Older people have the right to enjoy food prepared by family and friends especially if it is a family favourite or a culturally specific food not available in their aged care facility. We just have to remember to be extra careful when preparing this food so we don’t make the person sick. The advice in this brochure can be useful not just for aged care residents but also for preparing food for any elderly friend, neighbour or relative. You  can download the brochure ‘Do you bring food to an elderly friend or relative in an aged care facility’ from here 

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